Motion City Soundtrack Keep Songwriting Simple

bassist Matt Taylor spoke with Time Off magazine about the band’s new album ‘Even If It Kills Me’, and how thinking plays a minute role in putting together their music. “Our songwriting process is simple,” he explained. “The only thing we know about our process is that we don’t have a process. Anything can happen, anybody can bring anything to the table and it will get a fair trial. Just when we all get together, then it’s all whatever happens, happens. Usually one person will have an idea and then brings it to the rest. Actually, one of my favorites, ‘Last Night’ – it kind of sounds like The Cure – began just with Josh [Cain] noodling on the guitar for the first time, he’d never played it before. We were practicing and all stopped for a second and he just started playing this. Tony [Thaxton, drums] and myself just jumped in and put a feel behind and it was almost right then that song just popped out.” The article at has since been removed.

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