Morello Cites Competing Sentiments Post 9.11.01

Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello talked with about his thoughts on the state of the world, terrorism, and the U.S. foreign policy. “In the post-September 11 world, there’s a couple of competing sentiments,” he said. “One is the tremendous outpouring of empathy and good will that all Americans showed towards the innocent victims of murderous violence. And one hope of mine is that feeling can be translated beyond our own borders–that we must demand that innocent lives are not taken here and demand that no innocent lives are taken in our names anywhere else.” Morello added, “There also seems to be a tremendous amount of sleight of hand going on with a slumping economy, like a huge dockworkers lockout on the West Coast and whatnot, and with the war machine gearing up I think it would be a horrific tragedy and it would only escalate this international cycle of violence.”

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