More From Chris Cornell On Audioslave Departure

offered a few more clues on his decision to leave during an interview with Michael Roberts of the Cleveland Scene. Besides the band failing to match the quality of their self-titled debut on 2005’s ‘Out of Exile’ and the following year’s ‘Revelations’, the former Soundgarden frontman said business matters were also bothering him. One was when an unnamed member was “trying to have a mixer remix a couple of the songs at the last minute before the record came out, without telling the others.” The 42-year-old said that while he’s proud of the work Audioslave put out, his decision to split from the group wasn’t a huge struggle for him. “It might have been different if it had been something like Soundgarden, where it was, for the lack of a better term, my first love,” he explained. “With Audioslave, I didn’t have that same connection. To fight through it just didn’t seem worth it.” Cornell released his second solo album ‘Carry On’ in May. The full story at has since been removed.

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