Moby’s Backstreet Boys/HIM Ramble

Moby posted on his official website’s journal on Thursday (March 18): “There’s a goth band from finland called ‘’, and they do a version of a Backstreet Boys song that is very dark and ominous. Is it called ‘Larger Than Life’?
Well, DJ Mr. Bill wrote that the Backstreet Boys are reforming (did they even break up? can you have a ‘reunion’ album and tour when you haven’t, in fact, broken up? can you have breakup sex if you haven’t broken up?), and it reminded me of this great version of the Backstreet Boys song by ‘HIM’. And will the Backstreet Boys now be the Backstreet Men? Or will they reinvent themselves name-wise a la NKOTB or J.Lo or P. Diddy or Tafkap or Athletico Spizz 80 or etc?”

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