Moby Upset After Getting Ripped On By Henry Rollins

Apparently Moby was put down by . He writes on his official website: “Argh.
And now Henry Rollins hates me? What the fu**? I loved Black Flag back in the day when Hank was their singer. I saw Black Flag more times than I can count. I still have a scar on my head from stage diving at a Black Flag show in New Rochelle in 1983. And Henry Rollins is ripping on ME for being corporate? Henry who did a Gap ad? Ugh. I’m tired of people whom I’ve never met hating me.
I’m a nice guy. I clean my bathroom. I like dogs. I don’t aspire to causing harm towards anything or anyone. Why do all these people go out of their way to hate me? I’ve never even met Henry Rollins or said anything about him, except that he was great as the 3rd singer for Black Flag. Ah well. I’m going to go eat something to make me feel better.
Some vegan pizza. That’ll hit the spot.
My new years resolution is to be paranoid. So many people seem to hate me. Aren’t there better targets in the world for hate than a little innocuous vegan from Manhattan?”

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