Moby Recording A Bunch Of Punk Rock Songs

Moby posted on the journal of his official website on Thursday (October 27): “Today I’m going into a studio to record a bunch of punk rock songs. See, over the last year I’ve written lots and lots of punk rock songs, and now I’m going to record them with Scott. Should be fun. I’m also making another Voodoo Child record. So, punk rock record and Voodoo Child record. And I have no idea when/if they’ll ever be released. Eh, if we don’t release them you can always come by Teany [Moby’s vegan restaurant] and I’ll make copies for you.” He added, “The punk rock songs are definitely in the ‘fun but very rough’ camp of punk rock songs. And the Voodoo Child songs are very melodic and electronic and experimental, and not exactly club-classic floor-fillers.”

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