Moby Reacts To Meeting Clinton & Honoring Bono

Moby reacted after going to the MusicCares event honoring Bono of last night. He writes, “I’ve done lots of interviews where I’ve been asked ‘Which public figures would you most like to meet?’ and my answer has always been ‘Bill Clinton’. So tonight I met Bill Clinton!
It was at a dinner honoring Bono, and in meeting Bill Clinton I felt like a star-struck teenager. I mean, come on, he’s Bill Clinton. The biggest living rockstar. And if even for a second you doubt his rockstar status just watch him enter a room… Every single eye is on him for every second that he’s in a room.
And I sat 2 or 3 feet from him. Very exciting.
And once again I was reminded of how remarkable Bono is. He has made the world a better place. He’s made amazing records. He’s put on amazing concerts. He’s drawn attention to amazing causes. He’s campaigned for and won debt relief for many impoverished countries. And he’s campaigned for and won billions of dollars for aids relief for sub-saharan Africa. And he did a great version of ‘Night and Day’ tonight. And I met Bill Clinton. Wowee. Moby.”

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