Moby On Today’s Rockstar

Moby shared his thoughts on “Today’s Rockstar.” He writes:

ok, rock stars.

in the good old days rock stars wrote their own songs.

they played their own instruments.

they dressed themselves.

they chose the designers for their record covers.

they performed with arrogance and impunity.

they challenged the status quo.

and so on.

Todays rock stars are manufactured and accomodating. they do none of
the above. which is either beautiful or utterly depressing, depending upon
how post-modern you happen to be.

todays rock stars are corporate. no two ways about it, really.

ok, a few exceptions. but the machine has consumed the beast, and now
the beast is a simpering little toy for the people who figure the bottom
line. i’m not better. i’ve accomodated the people who figure the bottom
line. i have my own reasons, and i hope that they’ll stand the test of
time, but possibly they won’t. it’s not for me to decide, really.

but todays rock stars are the rockstar equivalent of product-design.
and like i said, that’s either beautiful or lamentable depending upon your
cynicism and post-modernism.


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