Moby Explains ‘Pearl Jam Effect’

Moby checked in on his diary Sunday to share his thoughts on his self-termed ‘ Effect’. Moby writes, “A while ago I wrote about the ‘Pearl Jam Effect’. I described the ‘Pearl Jam Effect’ as being a phenomenon wherein bands who have very technically savvy fans will see their records do poorly in the charts, whereas bands/artists who have less technically savvy fans will see their records do quite well in the charts. this is owing to the fact that bands/artists with technically savvy fans will have a lot of fans who will end up downloading music or burning cd’s, whereas less tech-savvy fans will generally end up buying their cd’s. Looking at the 3 week sales history of Weezer’s new record, for example, has proven to me that this ‘Pearl Jam Effect’ is strongly influencing the album charts in the states.”

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