Moby Comments On U2 Halftime Show

Electro music guru and website commentator Moby gave his thoughts on the halftime show at Sunday’s Superbowl. Moby wrote:
“I loved their performance apart from two things … and I’m sorry to complain, but these two things troubled me.”

“During ‘Where the Streets Have No Name,’ they were scrolling the list of names of people who were killed on 9/11, and I thought that it was very moving. But then they would cut to shots of people in the audience cheering and hollering and partying and it seemed like a distasteful juxtaposition. I can’t imagine that if I were in the audience I would be capable of partying as the names of 3,400 innocent terrorist victims scrolled in front of me. That put a bad taste in my mouth and it seemed disrespectful.”

“The other thing that bothered me was when the giant screen cascaded down. It was WAY too reminiscent of the Twin Towers falling down and actually made me gasp in a shell-shocked survivor sort of way.”

“But I love U2 and I thought that their performance was great. I just wish that the audience could have been a little bit more respectful as the names of the terrorist victims scrolled in front of them…”

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