‘Minutes To Midnight’ A True Group Effort For Linkin Park

Mike Shinoda of spoke with Time Off magazine about the band’s collaborative effort during the recording to their new album ‘Minutes to Midnight’. “The thing about this group, and I really appreciate it at this point, is the guys, not only do they want to be involved, they’re actually pretty proficient at all the different parts of the machine,” he said. “Even if they’re talking about something which they cannot personally do, their opinion isn’t just an opinion, they’ve put some thought into it and they’ve got some good, real meat behind their advice. Like, this is the first time we’ve opened up the vocals and the lyrics in particular for full-blown criticism. I don’t know that a lot of bands do that. I think a lot of singers are scared to do it because they know, in their heart they know, that their lyrics are not bulletproof, and if they open it up to criticism from the band, the band’s gonna come back with a lot of changes. So we just kinda rolled the dice and let the guys say what they thought, and of course our first reaction was ‘Well fu** you guys, you guys are assholes, don’t you dare tell us what to do with our lyrics’. Then once we got over that, which took a couple of days, we started changing things. We did our best. We did what we could.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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