Ministry’s Jourgensen: America Needs Different Baggage

founder Al Jourgensen sounded off politically in a Q&A with Jeff Inman of Las Vegas City Life. “The whole left is more energized because we all can see what is happening,” Jourgensen said. “This is an intense time in social history. We’re at the beginning of, or potentially in the middle of, a change over of the whole economical and energy infrastructure, moving from fossil fuels to more renewable energy sources, and that’s going to have a serious impact not only ecologically, but economically and socially as well.” As for his thoughts on George Bush’s competition, John Karry: “Here’s my slant: Kerry is no savior. The machine that is behind him is different than what is currently in Washington, and who can say that once he gets there he can’t be bought by the same special interests and industries that have run the town for years. We’ll have to see. But every candidate comes with baggage. My point is that we need to have at least some different baggage right now.” The full story at has since been removed.

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