Mike Mushok Of Staind Recounts Two Days Of Travel Turmoil

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Mike Mushok of checked in with fans on the Springfield, Massachusetts rock band’s official web site on March 6th, talking about a flying nightmare that led the guitarist to can his travel agent. Mike writes:

So here I am sitting in Auckland, New Zealand in the Qantas lounge going on the 8th hour of our layover with 6 more hours to go before we can take off to LA. Do the math…14 hour layover!! OMG!! That was after a 6 1/2 hour flight from Perth, Australia to Auckland. Then we get to fly for 12 hours to LA to sit in LA for 3 another hours before we get on a plane for 6 more hours to New York. Clear customs and then a 2 hour ride home, which I should arrive at 1 am on Thursday morning. I have a degree in electrical engineering so I can do this math… 6 1/2 hours (Perth to Auckland) + 14 hour layover + 12 hour flight (Auckland to LA) + 3 hour layover + 6 hours (LA to NY) + 2 hours home = HELL!!! Oops! nope, 43 1/2 hours of travel. Add in the 3 or so hours we were in Perth and let’s just call it almost 2 days of travel. Get my travel agent on the horn…YOU’RE FIRED!!!

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