Michael Stipe Checks In On New Album Progress

frontman Michael Stipe writes on the band’s official website: “We’ve had a wild week of press, rehearsals for the tour, figuring out video stuff for the best of, stage set for the tour, merch[!] for the tour with some very cool teeshirts that me and chris are designing, mixing the songs with pat and jamie, and wrapping up the packaging for the best of. We’re having a great time with the record company, everybody’s really cool, and they’re setting up some great stuff for us. pari came up from LA, and we talked to German Rolling Stone, the Sunday Telegraph in London, and Robert Hillburn for the LA Times. All were great interviews and the photographers were fast and easy to work with thanks be. The rehearsals are going well, we’ve worked up about 70 songs so far and Bill Rieflin, the drummer, is working like a dog to keep up, but sounding great.”

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