Metallica’s Therapist Urged Lars To Meet With Dave Mustaine

’s “performance coach” Phil Towle, a 64-year-old former psychotherapist who was brought into the picture in January 2001 to help James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich repair their relationship with Jason Newsted, recently spoke to Classic Rock magazine about his work with the group to help them connect to each other, to their loved ones, and to themselves. When asked why he urged Lars Ulrich to have a sit-down with former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine in 2001, Towle said, “We went through a time in our lives where we realized there were certain things unfinished. For example, the Jason thing still remains, in my mind, unfinished. It doesn’t necessitate a sit-down with Jason. I certainly recommend it, and I’ve attempted to do that, but it hasn’t met with everybody’s approval and the timing has been a little bit off.” Read more.

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