Metallica’s New Bassist: Warrant’s Jerry Dixon?

An e-mailer sent a rumor that is planning to name Warrant bassist Jerry Dixon as their replacement for the departed Jason Newsted. WS writes, “I can’t believe what I heard tonight straight from the mouth of Mr. John Sommers, a production and signing manager over at Elektra records. Ok, let me begin by saying my name is WS, I’m a assistant managing editor for Rolling Stone. I was having drinks with Mr. Sommers over at the Casa del Mar in Hollywood. While discussing the various rumors circulating in our respective offices, he tipped me off that he just happen to be one of a handful of people to have knowledge of what is arguably the most coveted secret in the music industry today. Having been irresistibly prompted, I prodded him for at least an hour to tell me what it was he knew! I swore not to tell a soul, but he basically would not budge UNTIL right before I was about to leave. He took a napkin and a pencil and wrote 3 words on the napkin: ‘Jerry Dixon Metallica’. Then he folded the napkin, handed it to me, and walked out of the bar.” Read more.

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