Metallica’s James And Lars Discuss ‘Kill Em All’ Recording Process

Brian Slagel, owner/CEO of Metal Blade Records, interviewed singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich on the recording of their 1983 debut album ‘Kill Em All’. Asked about the finished project, Lars said, “I was psyched. I thought that the record obviously sounded good. The big thing about the Barret Alley place had these really big rooms so the record was really nice and ambient. Which of course was nothing compared to ‘Ride The Lightning’ record when it was really the next level up.” Lars said now, they’re trying to play down the production, “almost to make it sound garagey. You don’t want to fu** with it too much. Back then it was like Def Leppard was on the radio every half our. It was look, ‘Ooh, listen to the kick drum.'” Watch the interview below.

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