Metallica’s Hammett Praises New Bassist Trujillo

guitarist Kirk Hammett was full of compliments for new bassist Robert Trujillo in Toronto where the group was in town for the Summer Sanitarium tour. “The quality of musicianship in the band nowadays is so high! Rob’s a killer bass player so it’s awesome to jam with him,” Hammett told “It feels so natural to be jamming in a room now, more so than with previous bass players.” Trujillo spoke about not being part of the writing process of ‘St. Anger’, but doesn’t mind, as he had enough to do just learning the band’s songs. “I had my hands full with trying to learn these 11 songs AND the 40 we’re going to be playing over the course of the summer. To have been a part of the writing process would have been great, but [producer Bob Rock] did a great job.”

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