Metallica Returns To Rawer Sounds Of Its Earlier Years

Brian McCollum of the Detroit Free Press spoke with drummer and mouthpiece Lars Ulrich about the group’s latest effort, ‘St. Anger’, which saw them dump the careful textures and high-end gloss for clanging, garage-metal crunch. “When people were coming into the studio, journalists and all, they’d say, ‘How different are the final mixes going to sound?’ ” said Ulrich. “Uh… those were the final mixes.” As for the fan’s reaction? “We always get a little overwhelmed. When we make the records, it’s quite innocent, actually. In some ways you’re protected away from all that — I’d take my kids to school in morning and go to the studio. So all that stuff gets left somewhere outside that little protective bubble we’re in. Then you give the music to somebody else, and all this stuff comes back, and you’re like, ‘Wow, I never thought of it like that’.”

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