Metallica Fans Fume Over Possible Ja Rule Collaboration

Fans on the official message board are furious over rumors that Metallica may collaborate with Ja Rule on an upcoming movie soundtrack song. MasterofNZ fumed, “Metallica sold out since they said metal is dead… fu** them.. I ain’t explainin’ no more… Already explained enough.” has since removed the posting.

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One thought on “Metallica Fans Fume Over Possible Ja Rule Collaboration

  1. Bob Buckley says:

    Metallica SOLD OUT. when you change your music to get more air play, that’s selling out. After heavy metal station left the air waves for new-aged metal Metallica changed their sound to keep air play. (that’s selling out). Also I’m so tired of people saying Metallica rules just to be cool. Metallica fans please hop off the Metallica Train to nowhere. There’s new bands out there that dust Metallica. How about Disturbed,and etc… One last thing Lars Fade To Black Buddy no-one cares.

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