Metallica ‘All Nightmare Long’ Video

are out with the video to their new single ‘All Nightmare Long’, from American heavy metal band’s ninth studio album ‘Death Magnetic’, out now on Warner Bros. Records. Watch the Roboshobo directed video below.

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2 thoughts on “Metallica ‘All Nightmare Long’ Video

  1. charlie says:

    Metallica friends! These cats get better,and better,and better with age,tragedy,diversity,what ever they choose,
    what ever is hung out for them to conquer, and overcome. I am in awe over new tunes, I think they have set the bar again for music lovers, artist, historians you name it. so raise those EVIL HORNS, ALL TAKE NOTE, THE GODS HAVE NEVER LEFT YOU JUST NEED TO LISTEN……….

  2. sebastian from chile says:

    It’s a little weird video :S but anyway I love the song :D

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