Melissa Joan Hart Turns The Tables On The Enquirer

Actress Melissa Joan Hart was on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Monday where she revealed that she fooled the National Enquirer in order to get some press for her boyfriend’s band Course of Nature. Melissa says she met up with an Enquirer writer at a party and lied about how she’s close to marrying boyfriend Mark Wilkerson, hoping the band could get some more airplay. For a transcript of her chat, read on.

Craig: You pulled one over on them.

Melissa: I did. You can use it to your advantage sometimes. My boyfriend’s
band wasn’t getting good radio play in L.A.

Craig: What’s their name?

Melissa: Course of nature.

Craig: Course of nature.

Melissa: In L.A. They weren’t going to play a lot so we —


Craig: You mentioned all these bands and you — I just wanted to —
course of nature.

Melissa: Course of nature. I knew that this girl that I was with at
a party was — worked for the Enquirer, so I did a little talking about
my boyfriend and he’s so amazing and we’re going to get married and this
and that.

Craig: You said to the lady you were going to get married.

Melissa: I was talking about it. You have it?

Craig: Here is the tabloid there.

Melissa: There he is. He’s cute.

Craig: There we got it. He’s cute. It’s in here about you getting married
to this guy. And, in fact, it is a lie?

Melissa: It is a —

Craig: It’s a lie.

Melissa: We’re not engaged.

Craig: You were just trying to get the band press.

Melissa: Right.

Craig: They’re not a big band right now.

Melissa: Not yet. Working on it.

Craig: Where were they touring? Iowa for two months?

Melissa: No. The whole country.

Craig: I don’t know.

Melissa: They were touring with nickelback. They play with creed. I’m
sure everybody knows that one.

Craig: Yeah.

Melissa: Yeah.

Craig: The new relationship has already passed a major test, divulged
the insider. Are you the insider? You’re the source.

Melissa: I’m the source.

Craig: Maa’s family thinks the world of him. All bets are off for the
walk down the aisle for the new couple next year. You think it’s going
to happen?

Melissa: It’s just talk right now.

Craig: You were just trying to help his band.

Melissa: That’s not the only thing I’m doing. Trying to help myself
here, too.

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