Melissa Auf Der Maur Insists Ozzy Osbourne Isn’t Evil

Talking with Stuart Berman of the Toronto Eye, former Montreal indie queen-turned-Hole bassistturned-Smashing Pumpkin Melissa Auf Der Maur has come to the defense of . Speaking of her Hand of Doom tribute band to Black Sabbath, Auf Der Maur insists of the original group’s frontman, “He’s sooo not evil! His lyrics are so romantic and beautiful and sad. Ozzy is so special. That guy was anti-war, anti-heroin and pro-let’s-be-mystical-and-believe-in-fairies. His music and lyrics are so good that we do it as true to the originals as possible. There’s a certain tongue-in-cheek silliness that goes along with it, because of course, we’re not Black Sabbath. But we do love it, so it’s very serious — this is not a joke. It’s a celebration of the extreme parts of it — I have fringes on my arms, therefore I pretend I have wings! — but it’s all in love and respect for that man.” has since removed the article.

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