Megadeth’s Mustaine Previews Tour

mainman Dave Mustaine posted the following message in the forum of the band’s official web site: “I am sad to say that I have cut my right hand open and won’t be able to tour for a few months. Just kidding! Actually, I was putting air in my tires yesterday and the air hose had a piece of sheet metal sticking out of it, and I really have slashed my right hand little finger. It bled all the way to the airport, while I was running interference for John Leeder on his chopper, and was taking Z to the airport. I have stealth radar on my Merc and when we caravan with friends I usually go out in front so we can book it at 80ish mph.”

“Anyway, here is the dish . . . when I went to see my agent Keith Sarkisian at William Morris Agency on Thursday, I had three things to talk about: the last and upcoming tour, my acting career, and my kids. I will start in reverse.

“Kids: It appears that JD is now old enough to be represented by WMA, but that he is going to have to do a hell of a lot more to be taken by his own merit and not on his Dad’s, which I support. I worked for my own career, and I want him to too.

“Acting: Management, meaning Kevin Gasser and John Dee of Benchmark Entertainment, had told Keith to give me a break because of the touring. This is because if something comes up, I would have to pass because I am shaking a guitar on a stage somewhere away from Hollywood and would have to pass, which doesn’t always go down well. And I like it when things go down well. So, I found out my friend Mark Geiger is now the film agent at Billy Mo (WMA) and I visited with him to just catch up. He had an interesting story that I can’t tell you, or he would have to kill you. So, there is item number two.

“Touring: Finally, we went over the last tour, which was really refreshing, because he told me that every promoter made money, that everyone was happy, that people want to do business with me again, and that the summer tour is going to be bigger than what I initially thought.

“So, now for the summer tour. We are going to make a coordinated announcement with the other bands that are going to be on this tour and what the name of it is going to be called. There are five slots, and we have confirmed three of the slots; Megadeth; the next supergroup on the bill; we have and idea about the next band; still have the penultimate slot open; and have confirmed the opener.

“I was relieved to hear that what I thought was MAYBE going to be a step up from the last tour in venue size is considerably more. We are being offered places like the incomparable Red Rocks in Denver, and other ultra-famous locations that I am sure we all know and love. This came as a tremendous relief to me, because my ego wants to play the biggest places that I can, now that you know I was willing to play any stage with enough power to run our stuff on the last tour (kinda giving the dog a really big bone).

“Lastly, I met with a gentleman and his artist yesterday at my house and I will not say who it was so I look cool, but to you two friends . . . thank you for your faith in me, your support, and your kindness. I really appreciate, and respect your taking time to come and catch up with me. Best wishes in the studio and I know that GOD is totally in charge of your lives and the new record will kick!”

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