Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Comments On Tuesday’s Cowardly Acts

Dave Mustaine posted a message on ’s official website asking God to look over the firemen and police who helped save people’s lives and gave up there own, as well as the Mayor and Governor of New York.. and of course he didn’t end there.

Full text of comments:

You all know I believe in God, and if you would please oblige me, I would just like to ask God to look over the families of the lost Firemen who risked their lives to go in and save the trapped victims; to look over the families of the Police that tried to save everyone from any further unknown acts of terrorism while this was all going down, and who lost their lives in the line of duty. These two groups of men and women gave their lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice for us all yesterday. Also to the Mayor, Governor and the City of New York for how they are handling this, you have done an incredible job.

To the emergency and medical technicians, and hospital workers, ambulance drivers, EMT and any others who lost their lives or have committed endless hours working to aid the victims and survivors; to the workers, visitors, and unfortunate people who were temporarily in the World Trade Center buildings in the process of doing their jobs, may God look over their families and help comfort their pain.

To the pilots families of the hi-jacked planes, I would hope that God would look over them and help ease their pain, knowing that it was not their fault for this; to the brave men and women in the plane that fought with the hi-jackers that diverted the plane in the Pennsylvania crash from doing more damage to our beloved country and taking more lives.

And most importantly, to all of the people around the world who cannot understand why this has happened, let us unite in volunteering in helping the victims and the survivors of this calamity.

I am going to give my blood on my birthday when I get home, if I get home, after our concert tonight in Vancouver. If there is anyway that we can rally our strengths, and we are a mighty community here, let’s do something good while we can. If you live near the city (NYC) and can volunteer, I am asking that you do this. Whether it is give blood, or help clean up the rubble, or serve food and water to the public servants and emergency personnel who are working day and night.

I want to thank all of the media who have kept us informed of the progress of our recovery, and the counselors who are suggesting how we can ease our trauma and also how we may want to talk to our children about this.

I must also thank our neighbors in Canada for allowing us to divert all of our flights to Canadian airfields. We sometimes forget what great neighbors we have in the Great White North. I actually thanked the border officers yesterday myself; I doubt they took notice of my sincerity given the heightened sense of alert around the world right now.

I would like to ask for you to join me in a generic prayer and cross a line that I have drawn about bringing up religion here. But there is a power greater than us all, whoever or whatever it is, and I would ask that ‘it would forgive us all for our thoughts of vengeance and prejudice, and heal the loved ones of all the lost lives. Please let some form of peace come soon.’

Mustaine prays,

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