Megadeth Tour Manager Defends Nick Menza’s Ouster

tour manager Claude “Cowboy” Spencer has posted the following message regarding the departure of drummer Nick Menza prior to the start of the group’s U.S. tour: “To All Droogies everywhere, I was there, and I was involved in the decision making process with Nick and Dave [Mustaine] of replacing Megadeth’s drummer. Nick knew that there was not a lot of time to get prepared for the tour, but he still tried to pull it off. Sadly, he was not prepared for the physical demands of a Megadeth show, and as all Droogies know, Megadeth is not some wimpy Top 40 band that walks on a stage and gives a half-assed show. This is why Nick knew Megadeth had to make this decision. Nick was actually involved in the discussion of bringing Shawn Drover into the camp.”

“Dave worked very hard with Nick to make this all happen, but it just was not coming together and time was running out to get this tour off the ground, so the change was made for the band and for you the fans. Dave did the right thing. So to all Droogies throughout the world, MEGADETH IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!”

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