Megadeth: Chat With Dave Mustaine Contest

To celebrate the release of their re-mastered catalog July 27th, is launching a contest for 25 lucky winners to gain entrance to an exclusive chat room with Dave Mustaine. Sponsored by EMI, Abrasive Rock, and Fan2Fan the contest asks Megadeth fans to submit their thoughts on why these albums are so meaningful and memorable. On August 18th, the fans with the best answers will be sent the information for a secret chat room where Dave Mustaine will answer all their questions. By allowing only the 25 most dedicated fans into the chat, the winners will experience an event that is unforgettable.

The re-releases include seven albums from the pioneering metal band, along with a new, never-before-heard version of a Megadeth-related side project, MD.45. “I have finally gotten to go back and make everything that I was hearing in my head available to the fans, so that they can experience the songs the way that I feel they truly are in my soul,” says Mustaine about his massive project on Capitol Records. “Some of the songs just didn’t turn out the way that I wanted them to when they were first made, due to money restrictions, technology limitations and so on. I believe now that there is nothing standing in the way of what I felt when I wrote these songs and how you will be able to hear them.”

This chat will give the winning fans a chance to learn more about Mustaine’s motivation for the re-masters, as well as all the work that went into preparing them for release. Fans will also be able to hear more on the band’s new material to be released on Sanctuary Records, September 14th.

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