McCready Defends Vedder Over Bush Mask Incident

guitarist Mike McCready spoke with Ben Edmonds of the Detroit Free Press and as is typical on this tour, was quizzed about the controversy the band found themselves in after their tour opener in Denver when frontman Eddie Vedder wore a mask of President Bush during the song ‘Bush League’. “I’m so tired of talking about this,” Mike moaned. “I saw it as a theatrical piece, like something David Bowie might have done. Look, this band has arguments all the time — about politics, music, everything. Ask us a question and you’re likely to get five different answers. But Ed is our focal point, and we support him completely. Concerning the war, I had a cousin who was over there, so of course I supported the troops and wanted to see them come home safe. I’d never be involved in anything that would put them in further jeopardy. But last time I looked, this is still America, where you’re free to question the government. In a democracy you’re obligated to do that. That’s what I learned growing up, and it’s something people need to… remember.”

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