Matthews Comments On The Vines Tonight Show Troubles spoke by phone with bassist Patrick Matthews about the band getting booted from the Tonight Show after Jay Leno, reportedly extremely pissed off and cursing the band, notably frontman Craig Nicholls, on air for being “loaded”, cancelled their appearance. “We went to play and we turned up for our sound check at 11 (am) and Craig smashed this perspex glass case surrounding the drums before we’d even started playing so they turned us off,” Matthews mumbles. “They didn’t handcuff us or anything they just said ‘You’re out of here, you’re not playing tonight’.” He added, “It was such a pity because our crew, a couple of guys had been there since eight in the morning fixing it all up for us and it was over in 10 minutes. Craig’s done ridiculously well in other things, like for everything he does like that, where he shoots us in the foot, he’ll do another genius thing in Rolling Stone, like the funniest thing you’ll ever read. Craig’s Craig, you can’t blame him, it’s just a pity you know… I thought the destruction was a pity; it was just LA I think, and too many flights so close together. That’s the whole thing, that’s why Craig smashed up the Leno show; LA puts me and Craig… we’ve spent so long here and just ended up hating the place, and I think that’s partly to blame, being in LA really set him off.”

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