Matthew Shultz On Why His Band Is Called Cage The Elephant

Cage the Elephant asked Cage the Elephant singer Matthew Shultz what was the story behind their band name for their “Name that band!” feature. “We were in Knoxville, Tennessee, hanging outside a club after a show—this is probably in 2006,” Shultz recalled, “and we saw this guy with a shaved head and a long goatee yelling and screaming and talking to himself. I’m pretty sure he had some mental issues going on. He all of a sudden beelined towards us. Everyone jumped into our car and shut the doors. But I didn’t make it into the car. I was stuck outside. I thought for sure the guy was gonna stab me or something, but then he came up to me and gave me a hug. The whole time he was saying, ‘You have to cage the elephant, you have to cage the elephant.’ Afterwards, I was like, ‘We gotta name the band that.'” Read more.

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