Matthew Good Confused By Nickelback Hostility

Chart Attack reports Matthew Good has responded to the recent threats levied by frontman Chat Kroeger, who took offense to comments earlier made by Goode. While Chat felt “stabbed in the back” by Goode’s comments, the singer told the Vancouver Province, “I wish [Nickelback] all the success and luck possible. I hope they sell another five million records. I really do. I do!”

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6 thoughts on “Matthew Good Confused By Nickelback Hostility

  1. Steven says:

    Good is a loser.

    Nickelback are much bigger and better than he’ll ever be.

  2. Joey McNulty says:


    Matthew Good is one of the greatest and most original alternative rock artists to ever hit the Canadian stage. Lyrically, vocally, and overall he is just incredible. His songs and albums have been praised by music critics and fans. He is also a very smart and intellectual person and is very opinionated. He can back up his opinions without hesitation, such as his comments on Nickelback. The reason he dissed Nickelback is why so many other fans and critics diss the band: They are an overrated, unoriginal, uncreative, lyrically vulgar Creed wannabe sell out band that does nothing but play the same old guitar riffs that please ignorant fans in the U.S. and Canada who just wanna hear some loud guitar distortion and screaming vocals. The juvenile lead singer of Nickelback disses Good by saying he hasn’t sold anything in the States. Well that’s because Good is not a sell out. He’s got a huge cult following in Canada and fans all around the country love him. So I doubt he wouldn’t get the same recognition if he sold his soul and made sa bunch of generic and unoriginal albums like Nickelback does just for the money and fame in the States. So if you ask me, Kroeger is the loser. He’s an unintellectual, untalented sell out. He might be “bigger”, but he is in no way as good as Matthew Good. The music critics and smart fans across the country speak on my behalf.

  3. Josh says:

    Agree with Joey.. couldn’t say it any better myself.

  4. FYI STEVEN says:

    Hey Steve, first of all suck it, and pretty much read what joey says, thanks bud for being a fu** face. OUT!

  5. goodness sake says:

    I dont comprehend how nickelback is a sell out and matthew good isn’t. Their music isn’t comparable and is nothing alike. Matthew Good writes his music with his head and Nickelback with the rest of his body. Both have their hits and their misses but just because Nickelback made it big in the states doesn’t mean hes a sellout. There’s no sign at the border saying “Rockers prepare to give up your dignity and your beliefs to make it big”. The music he plays is simply louder and more popular with this generation. Matthew Good seems geared more toward 20 year olds and older and Nickelback is for the angry adolescents

  6. Paul says:

    @goodness sake
    Nickelback are considered to be sell outs because their music sounds exactly the same from album to album. They do not alter the musical formula at all; loud guitars + lyrics about sex/drugs/sex + a sub-par singer = Nickelback. I will admit their music is catchy, but in a hey I want to get drunk and listen to music sense.
    The only album that I purchased by Nickelback was Silver Side Up and I must admit that except for Too Bad all the songs sound the same. I have waited for 10+ years for Nickelback to put out a full album of good, original songs and the closest that they have come is Dark Horse. That is why Nickelback is a sell out.

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