Matt Tuck Says Expect New Bullet For My Valentine LP Early 2010

Bullet For My Valentine publicity

Full Metal Jackie of Altitude TV caught up with frontman Matt Tuck, who talked about sharing the stage with Slayer and Killswitch Engage, his accent, having a sound that is accepted in a variety of rock subgenres, and what people can expect from the new album, which they hope to release early next year. “Sounds really great. Super proud. It’s gonna be a big one,” Tuck said. Watch the interview, featuring clips from their live show, via vbox7 below.

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19 thoughts on “Matt Tuck Says Expect New Bullet For My Valentine LP Early 2010

  1. John says:

    Hey BFMV huge fan of you guys… any idea when the release of the new album is going to be? Please try and get back to me thanks

  2. Amandaa says:

    I think it comes out in like January or February 2010.

  3. LAW09 says:

    I think it will be a great album. I love Bullet. My favorite band since I was 7. (14 now)

  4. Jessica says:

    I love BFMV!!! They are amazing…there is not one bad song by them!!! I can’t wait to get see them in concert!!! When is the new album coming out???

  5. Leonard says:

    I can’t wait to hear the new album you guys kicked ass in all the others so I know what to expect in this one

  6. Lola says:

    Me too! Damn, I’m so fu*king anxious to hear their new album! Love BFMV! It’s a shame that they don’t come here to Portugal to a concert! It would be GREAT!

  7. Thomas says:

    I heard that Matt’s voice got messed up and he can’t scream no more…. that sucks =( I really did enjoy the screaming..kinda got me in that rawr mood… Still some songs are one good reason why..didn’t scream in that..but it was still good…cant wait to hear this newer album…peace from out!

  8. 495 Bench Press says:

    Need lifting music when I’m saucing my skull off, bro. Where’s the new album?

  9. Nadja says:

    Oh damn! I’m so excited!BFMV is sooo great I am waiting for the album!.Keep Rockin!

  10. Jasperr says:

    Christ I love BFMV

  11. Shayyy says:

    Bullet is such a solid band… Saw u guys twice! (once in revolution and once at the mayhem festival- both times in Florida!) even met Jason twice… I can’t wait for the new album woot!

  12. Judis Grylls says:

    I’m pretty sure the album release has been confirmed for the beginning of April, 2010. I’m so excited.

  13. Zack says:

    There new album (Fever) is coming out April 27 2010, bullet has been my favorite for 3 years now I got every album every one and and 4 posters I have your guys magazine and I am a member for BFMV newsletter oh and I got 3 t shirts =)

  14. Vince says:

    Can’t wait until April 27th!! I’m sure this CD is going to be as good as the others! Heard a couple of their new songs on the radio this week and they were bad a** like usual!

  15. ZCBSI says:

    The album comes out April 27th!! WHOO!
    Love you guys!!

  16. Swanster says:

    I want to see more hardcore songs..

  17. kiki says:

    The album is releasde in the UK on April 26th and in the US April 27th :P

  18. Brady says:

    Hey Bullet I loved seeing you at Mayhem in Indy. Hope to see you again at Mayday. You guys have been my favorite since you came to the US. You guys are great. Your new CD comes out on my birthday. Think you could send me one on that day? lol

  19. IloveKitKatsXx says:

    I love BFMV they are legends, their songs are the best out of any bands that have been round. And their new album is amazing lol. All their songs are on fire. Um, Jay James and Matt Tuck are the fittest members of BFMV… I’m sorry Moose and Padge. Love you guys. N the album is out on the 26th April which is out now. LOVE YOU BFMV. Xx

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