Matchbook Romance Run Into Trouble In Montana caught up with frontman Andrew Jordan and bassist Ryan Kienle for a Q&A, and asked when the last time they threatened someone or felt threatened. “Last time we felt threatened we got into a fight in Montana and we beat the crap out of some kids,” Jordan explained. Kienle added, “We were at a truck stop and these guys were talking to us. Then they were, like, ‘Hey, let’s have a dance off.'” Jordan continued, “Then they started disrespecting a load of people. They were dancing up on this girl right in front of her boyfriend and it was just super uncomfortable. They were completely wasted and high on some kind of drug and they were just hassling everybody. Little did they know that there were a ton of us in a bus right next to place. I went and made a phone call as soon as they started talking sh*t and threw a punch. That’s when it just went into an entire fight, right outside the gas station. It was extinguished pretty quick because they were so wasted. There was no backing up, though. You could have beaten them ’til they were dead so we eventually just walked away from it.” The transcript at has since been removed.

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