Matchbook Romance Q&A

Andy Jordan and Judas Depaolo of took part in a Q&A with Since their song ‘Monsters’ is about celebrities being jerks, they were asked if they read tabloids. “I hate that sh**,” Judas responded. “All that media, all the TV and magazines, I can’t do it.” Andy added, “It feels weird to us, as a band, getting bigger and bigger. And that’s what I really liked about that video is that, I’m actually making fun of us, like if we get to that point. It’s weird for us, we just left this one place and there were girls like, ‘We love you!’ And it’s like, you don’t know who we are! Why do you say that? But I guess I can relate cause if I met one of the Beatles, I’d trip out. You never think that you’d end up doing something like this and having an effect on people.”

The story at has since been removed.

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