Mark Brown’s Pearl Jam Story Stirs Several Spins On Fact

Mark Brown of the Rocky Mountain News defended his story on fans walking out of a recent show in Denver protesting singer Eddie Vedder’s actions with a George Bush mask. Brown says, “We wrote a 599-word news story. In it, 142 words quoted protesters unhappy with Vedder’s actions. And 164 words were Vedder’s, including his support of U.S. troops. The story twice noted that people cheered him; it once noted that some people booed. It was buried at the bottom of page 53A of the paper. On the Internet, however, everything is front-page news. Many fans were introduced to the Rocky Mountain News through a link to the story from the Drudge Report Web site. And many people read whatever they wanted to into the story. Many Pearl Jam fans were furious that the band was ‘attacked.’ Many right-wing publications picked up on it as treasonous speech.” has since removed the article.

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