Marilyn Manson: Tour With Twiggy Will Spawn Another Record

tells that watching Led Zeppelin’s reunion was what inspired him to invite Twiggy Ramirez back to the band after a nearly six year absence. “The turning point for me was when I went to see Led Zeppelin’s reunion show, and I saw Jimmy Page and Robert Plant look at each other for a moment, and they probably said, ‘Holy sh**, we wrote ‘Stairway To Heaven’.’ I wanted that look again,” Manson explained. “I want to look at Twiggy and go ‘Holy sh**, we wrote ‘The Beautiful People’.’ I called him and I said ‘Let’s go do this.'”

Manson added that the pair had some unfinished business. “We started music together because we wanted to bring about the apocalypse, and we realized we didn’t finish,” Manson explained. “The world could suffer much more if we were together again, and we really wanted to bring back the suffering.”

While the original announcement was vague as to whether Twiggy would remain on beyond a tour, Manson hopes to write a new album with him eventually. “The concept originally of he and I getting back together was ‘Let’s write some music together,'” Manson told Daniel Kreps. “But life’s too short, and this has to happen now because we couldn’t stand not being on stage with each other, and wouldn’t want to wait until we made another record to tour. So this tour will spawn another record, one hundred percent.”

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