Marilyn Manson Talks Sex In Front Of Justin’s Mom

WENN reports that when was in the audience for a show by his girlfriend, fetish artist Dita Von Teese, he spotted *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake with his mother Lynn Harless behind him, and decided to make some mischief. Manson referred to a woman’s anatomy in a vulgar way because “earlier that day I had watched a sexual education documentary for retarded people. I saw Justin again on New Year’s Eve at the Osbournes’and I said, ‘I want to apologize for saying that in front of your mother, I feel a little bad even though I am Marilyn Manson. But I really like your new video because you seem like a depraved stalker, and I think that’s very attractive. And I don’t mean that in a gay way.’ And he said thank you, and I said, ‘Can I just tell you one thing? The part of the song where you say ‘drums’, you should have said ‘tits’.”

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