Marilyn Manson On The Tonight Show

stopped by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday to plug his new DVD ‘Guns, God, Government World Tour’. Manson said that at a recent party, actor Nicolas Cage tried to get pot from him. They also talked a bit about “wife swapping” with Ozzy Osbourne, and acting in ‘Party Monster’. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: All right, here we go. My next guest is a controversial performer.
He came out with a new dvd. It came out yesterday. It’s called “guns, god,
government world tour.” Please welcome marilyn manson.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: How are you?

[ Cheers and applause ] Have a seat.

[ Cheers ]

Manson: On a lighter note, marilyn manson.

Jay: On a lighter note. That’s right.

Manson: Taking all my evil heat here, man.

Jay: People are stunned that you and I would be at the same party. It
just makes me laugh.

Manson: Yeah, what party was that?

Jay: It was at nick cage’s house.

Manson: Nick cage’s christmas party.

Jay: It was a christmas party.

Manson: I understand why you were there.

Manson: Well, I met him at a party. And he tried to get pot from me.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Oh, that’s so wrong.

Manson: Stop these silly rumors.

Jay: And what says christmas more than marilyn? But I want to ask you

[ Laughter ] On your dvd you got ozzy. Ozzy osbourne is on here, which
kind of makes me laugh. ‘Cause he’s like mr. Mainstream now. He used to
be — are you afraid you might become like an ozzy nelson type character?

Manson: I kind of urinate in the mainstream.

Jay: How did you meet ozzy?

Manson: Well, this tour that’s on the dvd, a lot of it is ozzfest, which
we were on for the second time.

Jay: Are you friends?

Manson: Yeah. He tried to wife swap with me.

Jay: Wife swap?

Manson: I’m not married, first of all.

Jay: Well, that makes it tough right there.

Manson: My girlfriend, you know, we were sitting there. He kept staring
at her breasts, which is normal. Because they are breasts.

Jay: Breasts, right.

Manson: And he’s ozzy. And he’s like, “why don’t we trade for the night?”
I’m like, “I don’t think so.”

Jay: I mean, did he go —

[ Imitating ozzy ] “Sharon! We’re trading for the night!”

[ Light laughter ]

Manson: Yeah.

Jay: Did the girls have any say in this?

Manson: They had no say in it. It was like old-fashioned, you know,
arranged marriage type of thing.

Jay: You’ve been doing some acting now? Do you like that? Do you like

Manson: Yeah, yeah. I did this — I did something fun. This movie “party
monster.” It’s kind of a dark comedy.

Jay: A dark comedy, you?

Manson: It’s based on a real story, though, about this club kid that
murderers his boyfriend. But I play a preoperative transsexual with a fake
german accent.

Jay: Well —

[ Laughter ]

Manson: So I had to do a lot of character research for this. And I don’t

[ Laughter ] The character smokes. And I don’t smoke. And macaulay culkin
is in the movie with me. He and I went to the liquor store, and he bought
me my first pack of cigarettes. Virginia slims light. He said you got to
start small. And they I.D.’D him, too.

Jay: See, I’m trying to picture this. The kid from “home alone” buying
marilyn manson his first pack of cigarettes. It somehow seems —

[ Applause ] — Very bizarre. Now, were you in a film with james brown?
Did you do something with him?

Manson: I did this tony scott short film, the bmw series.

Jay: Oh, yeah, those are cool. Those are very cool. Yes.

Manson: And gary oldman plays the devil. James brown’s renegotiating
his contract because he can’t do the splits anymore.

[ Laughter ] So I met — I’m not going to give it away, because I’m
kind of at the end. So they don’t have me listed. I’m the surprise, the
punch line. And I met him. It’s like 7:00 in the morning, which is a phenomenon
already for me to be up at that hour if I haven’t already stayed up that
late. And I said, “nice to meet you, mr. Brown.” He said —

[ Imitating james brown ] “I wish I could say the same.” Lalaughter

Jay: That’s got to be kind of a —

Manson: And I’m not even sure if he’s real. He’s a phenomenon. At disney,
signing autographs. Not touching kids, though.

Jay: Now those teeth are platinum. Are those teeth platinum?

Manson: Yes.

Jay: Now can you get through the airport? How does that work?

Manson: It guarantees a body cavity search, which I find a good way
to kind of light up the day.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: All right.

Manson: But, no, I was trying to figure out what to give the trick or
treaters. I just pull my teeth out.

Jay: Do trick or treaters come to your house?

Manson: I hope so. I’m waiting.

Jay: I couldn’t think of anything more frightening, actually.

Manson: I’m waiting. I’m waiting.

Jay: Now what do you do for halloween? Do you dress as a lawyer? I mean,
what do you do?

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Manson: He got you there.

Manson: I sure know what they look like at this point.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Now do you have a classic-type house?

Manson: I have an old house, 1929.

Jay: Cool.

Manson: Mary aster’s house.

Jay: Oh, mary aster. The old silent movie actress.

Manson: “Maltese falcon.” It’s haunted.

Jay: It’s haunted?

Manson: Yeah, people expect it to be because it’s my house.

Jay: I mean, what makes you think it’s haunted? You just say it’s haunted?

Manson: No, I hear people running up and down the stairs in the middle
of the night.

Jay: Really? Do you have pets?

Manson: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] It could have just been people that —

Manson: Yeah, women you didn’t — that’s what that is.

Manson: Some unexcused houseguests maybe. But, no, it’s — so I’ve always
been into that era, and you know, I’m trying to bring that back. I know
you like the ’30s.

Jay: I like the ’30s.

Manson: I actually have a lot of those posters that you were referring
to in your book.

Jay: Cool. In this cd here — dvd, excuse me, I’m sorry. You don’t perform
naked, but it’s a little risque.

Manson: No, I don’t perform naked.

Jay: No, no.

Manson: But —

Manson: I’m not that comfortable with the way my genitals appear on
stage because sometimes you are nervous and it’s not as —

Jay: I think I got the —

[ Applause ]

Manson: But —

Jay: You’re a modest man.

Manson: Well, obviously you can’t show any of it on tv. So that’s a
good indication of what you are in store for if you watch it.

Manson: Jaybut I guess you show your butt in this one.

Manson: I don’t just show my butt. My pants happen to fall down sometimes.

Jay: Really?

Manson: You know, I’m like athletic in that way.

Jay: Let me ask you something —

[ Light laughter ] This is your girlfriend on the current issue of “playboy”

Manson: Yes.

Jay: Now, I — how do you meet these women? Like wre do you meet? She’s
a very beautiful woman. Obviously you’re a rock star.

Manson: I called her and tried — pretended like I wanted her b be in
a video. I just kind of already — you know, I had been — see, the good
thing is, you know, when you are a kid growing up, or even now, you know,
because you’re married.

Jay: Right.

Manson: You take the dirty magazine into the bathroom when your wife
is sleeping because she’s not doing the thing for you. But now I just take
the dirty magazine into the bathroom, but it’s already my girlfriend on

Jay: So when your girlfriend is in the bedroom, you take the magazine
with her in it into the bathroom?

Manson: Yeah, but actually, I don’t even — I’m too lazy for masturbating,
so it’s perfect. I just go in the bedroom. Forget the magazine. Didn’t
even make sense.

[ Laughter ] I think bill got it. I think bill gave me too much pot

Manson: He’s jaded.

[ Laughter ] What he’s saying is that he’s so jaded from being a rock
star, he’d rather actually whack than be with the girl herself.

Manson: No, not her, though. I just mean in the past.

Jay: You know, I think this show, if it hasn’t been canceled up to this
point, it has by now.

[ Laughter ]

Manson: And she bakes too, pot cookies.

Jay: Pot cookies.

Manson: I should have brought you some, bill.

Manson: Stop looking at me.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Anyway, it’s called “guns, god and government.” And you’re actually
— you’re actually a very nice guy. You’re actually not as odd as you appear
to be. But it’s all right here in the new dvd. I’m trying to ruin your
reputation. Marilyn, thank you, buddy.

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