Marilyn Manson On ‘Bowling For Columbine’

A segment of Michael Moore’s new movie ‘Bowling For Columbine’ includes an interview with . It was Manson who many politicians and the religious right blamed for the school shootings because the two killers listened to the singer. Manson says it’s easy to blame him because they can throw his face on TV and promote fear. Watch the interview from the documentary here.

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5 thoughts on “Marilyn Manson On ‘Bowling For Columbine’

  1. Mello says:

    I wish they wouldn’t automatically blame Marilyn Manson for things that happen just because he’s different…and a little strange. Ok, a lot strange.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I don’t like Manson, but it’s kind of a cop-out to blame him for this stuff, at least when the shooters didn’t even listen to him. Didn’t he respond when asked what he would say to them that he wouldn’t say a single word, that he would listen, which was what no one had done? (I don’t know whether it’s in that interview. I can’t watch it on this computer.) Listening to them wouldn’t have solved everything, but it would have been a step in the right direction.
    A lot of things contributed to this. One thing is that people used to be aware not only that there was a God, but that they would end up answering to Him if they killed themselves or others. (This wasn’t true of everyone, but it was of most people.) Now we have our humanism and we ban the Bible and prayer from schools.
    Psychiatry is also a factor. The killers were on SSRIs at the time and yes, the killers were taking their pills because a so-called “therapeutic dose” was found in Harris’ system and that stuff has a short half-life. They’d been planning this for about a year. They didn’t just wake up one morning after not taking pills for a few days and go “Let’s go to school and kill everybody.” Not only do drugs affect the mind, but I’d think that being portrayed as genetically defective in the place where the soul is kept could cause some people to act out. (I’m talking about forcing “diagnoses” onto kids, not about the emotional issues adults face.)
    There’s a lot of stuff that contributed, but I don’t blame Manson.

  3. Nancy Michelle Mitchell- AKA Sunshine says:

    Bam! I listen to Manson. If you take the time and actually listen to him you will see that what he talks about is life.. real life. Follow up and research the things that he says he is singing about. Everyone has a way to express how they feel. Also everyone has the right to just be themselves. He is trying to educate people and warn them that’s all. Mason had nothing to do with the Columbine. Nor any teen violence or violence period. Just like guns don’t kill people. People kill people. The mind is to be feared greater than the weapon. Manson has lots of thoughts and insight to the right direction. In conclusion Manson is probably one of the top misunderstood persons in the word. Yet does have a head an heart that took no part in the Columbine shooting. Thank you for reading and please do not judge before your research the rock star known as Marilyn Manson.

  4. Erin from OH says:

    I’ve read his book, I’ve read tons of interviews. and I think this is ridiculous that you could blame Manson for the shootings at Columbine. it is NOT his fault, and I still will never be able to fathom how it could be. it’s not even the kids’ fault for the shooting. it’s everyone around them, for not listening. and yet people claim it a tragedy. I believe it is a lesson learned for everyone in the US. it’s because America is f-d up. what about school shootings in inner city schools? I haven’t seen not one rapper accused of having a part in a school shooting. exploiting an artist such as Marilyn Manson is as ludicrous as America itself. Everyone in the world gets blamed for being an individual. which is ironic in it’s own part. Because whoever put us on this Earth, DID NOT create us to all be alike. it’s simple as that. it’s actually very discouraged to be your own person. because we have all adjusted to this pattern of wanting to fit in, that everyone’s forgotten what ‘my self’ means because we are so distracted by the ‘mighty & hungry mainstream’. we are constantly being buried alive in all this BS, and people need to open their eyes and minds better. grow some consciousness, people.

  5. Sh00t1ng_$t@R says:

    I dead set completely agree… Marilyn Manson is NOT to be blamed for the shooting just because of who he is, and how he expresses his life. What he said in the interview ‘I wouldn’t of talked, I would’ve listened. like what none of you did’. He would of helped them kids more than anyone.

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