Marilyn Manson Disregards Rules On ‘Golden Age’

Ryan Bartek of Get Real Detroit spoke with and asked the singer about his latest effort ‘The Golden Age of Grotesque’, which sees him switch from a more industrial sound towards modern, amost nu-metal. “Well, it’s hard for me to say exactly what other people would describe it as,” Manson said. “When I was making this record I felt like I did when I was making the first album – without rules, without boundaries. I wanted to disregard a lot of the rules that I’d made for myself over the years and do things differently, so we used rhythms and instrumentation in ways that we never had before. That was the way I felt when I made ‘Portrait of an American Family’, because I really didn’t know what I was going for or what was going to be my style. This time, I wanted to start from scratch and approach it in a very childish way. In some ways, this is a rebirth for me.”

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