Marilyn Manson Comments On Dixie Chicks Flap

spoke to Kerry Gold of the Vancouver Sun about the backlash the Dixie Chicks encountered over comments made about Bush during a March concert in England. “That is an odd situation,” he said in reference to singer Natalie Maines’ statement that she was ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas. “Whenever things like that happen, it is always hard for me to reconcile it because I have to remember that I am so different from other people. If I were to have said something like that, I don’t think that it would have mattered. I felt bad for them in some strange way. But in other ways, they put themselves into a genre that just defined itself in how limiting it is. I’ve always felt that if I assumed the role of a villain, and started at the bottom, then nobody could push me down any further. I would have only upwards to go.”

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