Marilyn Manson Boots Another Band Member

Twiggy Ramirez, longtime friend and bassist of , has been fired by the frontman, it was announced Wednesday. Manson said in a statement, “I have spent eight months transforming this band and our new songs into an unstoppable juggernaut, and sadly Twiggy wasn’t able to make himself a part of it.”

“Unfortunately, I feel that Marilyn Manson, as a lifestyle, is not where his heart is. So I have decided to let him go his own way, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to us, the music, or especially to the fans. Although you can never replace a best friend like Twiggy, this album and new lineup will redefine anyone’s idea of what Marilyn Manson is capable of.”

Manson will replace Ramirez with KMFDM’s Tim Skold, who also will co-produce the group’s new album.

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