Mariah Cover A ‘Huge Compliment’ To Def Leppard

The Montreal Gazette caught up with guitarist Phil Collen who defended the band’s move to allow Mariah Carey to cover their hit ‘Bringin’ on the Heartbreak’. “You get e-mails from fans, and they go, ‘It’s disgusting, it’s terrible.’ I said, ‘No – you’ve got to realize that she’s on our side,” he explained. “Someone’s actually out there promoting one of our songs. You should give her all the help she can get.’ Ultimately, it’s just a great honour for us (if) anyone does that – and does a real genuine version, not recording the song and making fun of the band, like the Michael Jackson thing by Alien Ant Farm (‘Smooth Criminal’). With Mariah it was a genuine version of our song. I actually think that’s a huge compliment.”

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