Manson Discussing ‘Lilith Scare’ Tour With Tarrie B

Shirley Manson’s latest tour diary has the Garbage singer sharing her meeting with Tarrie B of My Ruin. “Tarrie B came backstage after the show and we got to meet face to face for the first time ever,” she said. “God… she’s extremely beautiful. Even more so than her press photos would suggest! We discussed her plans for staging a ‘Lillith Scare’ festival sometime next year which I think is a genius idea and one which I hope comes to light. I’d love to help her put it together as there are so many great and fierce acts that could all fit together to make up an amazing and eclectic bill. Tarrie gave me this lovely little wooden crucifix she had made for me that had the words ‘Pray for Rock’ carved into it which I thought was really sweet and funny and I’ve hung it up in my touring wardrobe case for inspiration and reassurance.”

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