Mandy Moore Guitarist Jason Hook’s 20 Questions

Mandy Moore and Bullet Boys guitarist Jason Hook took time to do 20 questions with When asked what’s the longest amount of time he’s spent alone with the much younger Mandy, Hook revealed, “Maybe a half hour. Usually before a show, we will go somewhere quiet and run through some songs and vocal exercises for her to warm up. One time at Nassau Coliseum it was so loud backstage, we went into a shower so we could hear ourselves. We both thought it was pretty funny.” As for the status of the Bullet Boys, he said, “Basically we do Bullet Boys for fun. I know Marq is working hard on his new project, Kush Johnson. There really is no tension anymore, now that Lonnie is out of the band. The current lineup is Marq, Pete ‘That 70’s Show’ Newman, Melvin Brannon (ex-Dan Reed Network) and myself.” Read more.

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