Machine Head’s Dave McClain Talks Backstage At RockStar Mayhem Tour

Altitude TV caught up with Dave McClain of backstage at RockStar Mayhem tour, where the drummer talked about how the tour has been going and how it compares to the earlier years of Ozzfest, bands he’s been enjoying on the stint, still not working on a follow-up to ‘The Blackening’ and being “floored” by getting a Grammy nomination for the disc, how it’s hard to make a 35-minute set during a festival circuit like this special, and taking September off before hitting the road with Slipknot. “We’re penciling in 2010 for writing and resting,” Dave said. “For us to have what’s being called the best record of our career, things couldn’t be better for us. We have this new appreciation for everything. We feel like the luckiest dudes on the planet.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

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One thought on “Machine Head’s Dave McClain Talks Backstage At RockStar Mayhem Tour

  1. xHardy Hardnutx says:

    I love Machine “Fu**ing” Head they rock.

    Iv met them more then 6 times, if I can remember.

    I love the interview… you rock Dave McClain

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