Macaulay Culkin Corrupts Marilyn Manson

Macaulay Culkin was on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Thursday
night to discuss his new movie ‘Saved!’ and recounted how he corrupted
by teaching him how to smoke, and how Manson specifically
told Culkin to tell O’Brien about the incident. Read on for a transcript.

Conan: There’s a dark side I want to explore. You’ve hung out some with
marilyn manson. Let’s talk about that, of course. []

Macaulay: He was in “party monster” with me. Yeah, he was — his character
smoked in it, so he kinda wanted to learn how to smoke.

Conan: Marilyn manson didn’t know how to smoke?

Macaulay: He didn’t know how to smoke. He never smoked a day in his
life, he said. The king — the anti-christ — he didn’t know how to smoke.

Conan: He was, “oh, it’s not healthy.”

[ Laughter ] []

[ With evil echo effect ] “Praise the devil. Want a cigarette? No, no.”

[ Applause ]

Macaulay: He had this very specific vision of what kind of cigarettes
he wanted in his mind. So he wanted me, the avid smoker, to go with him
and help him out. We go to the store, and we — basically, he wanted virginia
slims 100s, basically.

[ Light laughter ] That was what he wanted.

Conan: Virginia slims?

Macaulay: Virginia slims 10.

Macaulay: Isn’t that kind of an old lady’s cigarette? []

Macaulay: Exactly, but that’s what he saw in his head. So I said, “okay,
cool.” I just remember we were walking out of the store. He’s 6′ 5″ and
I’m, you know, 5′ —

[ Mumble ]

[ Laughter ] And so, yeah — I just remember, he turned to me. It was
just this weird silence. He goes, “you know, that’s a conan o’brien story.”
He was like, “you gotta make sure you tell that on conan o’brien.” That
I was corrupting the anti-christ.

Conan: I love that. Macaulay Culkin is convincing marilyn manson to
have a cigarette.

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