Lukas Rossi Suprised By Rock Star Supernova’s Quick End

Ben Rayner of the Toronto Star caught up with frontman Lukas Rossi, where the Canadian singer discussed the early end to the band in wake of dismal sales of its debut album and disastrous concert reviews. “It takes a chunk out of you, man. I’m not gonna lie,” Rossi admitted. “I thought it was gonna go on longer. I think my ego got blown a little out of proportion after it was all said and done, and coming back down to earth is obviously where I belong. Coming off that tour, it was like: ‘Where’s all the glory?’ But I like it where I am right now. If I have to pay my dues until I die, that’s the way God wants it to be.” Rossi is currently doing an acoustic tour at small venues in Canada. Read more.

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