Low’s Sparhawk On Being A Sub Pop Act

Low frontman Alan Sparhawk spoke with Time Off magazine about how the band ended up on Sub Pop, the label that launched the genre they were in direct reaction to. “I’ve been a fan of Sub Pop forever, since the late ’80s with Mudhoney and all that,” Sparhawk said. “It’s really cool. The guy that owns it, Jonathan Poneman, has been a Low fan for years! He used to come see us all the time when we played in Seattle. I’d met him before and I knew his nature so I knew he’d treat us right. I think, early on, there was a bit made of that grunge thing, because we started in 1993 and it was the prevalent music going on at the time, especially in America. Because our music was so contrary, I think people looked at it like that. We were fans of grunge – it wasn’t so much that we were going against that kind of music, it was just that we were trying to show that there’s other possibilities other than the prevalent ones.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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