Loveless Have No Illusions Of Grandeur

Joan Anderman of the Boston Globe spoke with Loveless frontman Dave Wanamaker and guitarist Jen Trynin who talk about their love for playing New York clubs. “I rarely do anything at night. I go for runs and have dinner,” says Trynin. “So when I’m in the van headed to play in New York it’s like `all [expletive] right! Let’s rock’.” Wanamaker is similarly inspired. “The lack of rehearsing has kept these songs fresh over the course of two years,” says Wanamaker. “There’s a sense of energy and fun at our shows that we wouldn’t have if we played three times a week. There’s that 5 percent chance we’re gonna blow it. In one way Loveless is like a lottery ticket. It’s possible it could lead to something awesome in a fame and fortune sense. But in the other sense we just like playing music. How many people get to write songs and make records and play shows? There’s no big mystery to that.” Read more.

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